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  • Life Insurance

    SunLife Family Life Insurance provided by Scottish Friendly is affordable and straightforward life insurance. It provides life cover for a set number of years chosen by you and guarantees to pay out a set amount of money to your loved ones, if you died during that time.

    It only takes a few minutes to apply online and if you're accepted, your cover will be in place straight away.

  • Affordable life insurance in minutes

    Family Life Insurance is open to all UK residents aged 18 – 59. There’s no need for a medical - your personal quote will be based on your answers to some health and lifestyle questions. It only takes a few minutes to apply online and get an instant decision.

    • Choose how many years you want life cover for - terms from 10 - 40 years. The term you choose must end by your 70th birthday.
    • Choose life cover of up to £500,000 - depending on your age when you apply. Use our life insurance calculator to see how much cover you may need.
    • Or choose a monthly premium - from just £5 a month. Your premium is fixed at the start of your cover and will never go up.
    • Get a quick quote in 60 seconds - including a quote for adding optional Critical Illness cover
    • Finally, your personal quote and an instant decision - if you’re accepted, you’ll be covered straight away.

    Your monthly premium and the cash sum are fixed from day one, so you’ll always know where you stand. However this does mean that over time, inflation will reduce how much the cash sum will buy in the future.

    It’s important to keep paying your premiums every month throughout the term, as if you stop, your cover will end and you won’t get anything back.

  • I pay just £6.71 a month for £100,000 of life cover

    Example based on 32 year old non smoker on a 10 year term accepted at standard rates.

  • Examples of how life insurance could help

    Dan and Natalie:

    Read how life insurance helped Dan and his family after the loss of his wife Natalie.

    Sarah and David:

    Read how life insurance helped Sarah and her family after the loss of her husband David.   

    Mike and Julie:

    Read how critical illness cover helped Mike and Julie when Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Extra cover options

  • Why choose SunLife

    For some people, buying life insurance may seem complicated and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. At SunLife we believe in making things more affordable and easy to understand. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Scottish Friendly to develop Family Life Insurance - fixed term life insurance that’s straightforward and affordable. It’s what we like to call - "Straightfordable".

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    Document and save your funeral wishes using our simple funeral planner. It guides you through how to create your perfect send off.

  • About this policy

    Watch the SunLife team talk you through Family Life Insurance

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    10 reasons to take out life insurance


    Learn about the most common reasons people take out life insurance.

  • This website contains information on how Family Life Insurance works. As the website does not contain advice, you need to be satisfied this type of policy meets your needs. If you are unsure and need advice, please visit www.unbiased.co.uk to find an Independent Financial Adviser in your area - you may have to pay for the financial advice provided. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the policy, you can call us on 0800 904 7691 (lines open Monday - Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 10am-4pm)

  • Frequently asked questions

    • When is the best time to take out a life insurance plan?

      If you’ve decided that you need life insurance then the sooner the better. You may be healthy now but you never know what’s around the corner. As you get older life cover can get more expensive and if you suffer ill health you may not be accepted.

    • Is this plan right for me?

      If you’re aged 18–59 and looking for life insurance that provides a cash sum for your family if you die within a fixed term, Family Life Insurance may be right for you. You can be covered for up to £500,000 if you are aged 18-50 or up to £250,000 if you are aged 51-59. You can choose how long your cover lasts, from 10 to 40 years, as long as your plan ends before your 70th birthday, and you can choose how much you pay, starting from £5 a month.


    • Will I need to have a medical examination?

      No. When you apply for Family Life Insurance there’s no medical and there’s no need to contact your doctor. You simply answer some health and lifestyle questions, and you’ll get an instant decision.

    • What is the optional Critical Illness Cover?

      For an increased premium this extra cover protects you if you are diagnosed with some cancers or suffer a heart attack or stroke. See the Terms and Conditions for details of what is and is not covered under Critical Illness Cover. If this happens, 25% of your overall cash sum will be paid at the time and the rest if you die within your chosen term. For example, if you were covered for £100,000 and made a successful claim for Critical Illness, the plan would pay out £25,000 on diagnosis and if you were then to die at any time within your chosen term the remaining amount of £75,000 would be paid.

    • Can I take out a Family Life Insurance plan with my partner?

      Yes. You and your partner can take out a joint Family Life Insurance plan. It’s worth thinking it through carefully though, as a joint policy only pays out the full cash sum once.


    • When does my life cover start?

      You could be covered in just a few minutes from now. As soon as you’re accepted for Family Life Insurance your cover starts. So you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are protected from that moment until the end of your chosen term.

    • Who are Scottish Friendly?

      We’ve carefully selected Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Ltd to provide SunLife Family Life Insurance. They are a mutual company with 150 years’ experience in providing financial products.

    • What happens if I change my mind about the plan?

      You have 30 days from the day you receive your policy documents to cancel your Family Life Insurance plan and get a refund. After that, you can cancel at any time in writing. Remember, if you do cancel or stop paying premiums for any reason, your life cover will end and you won’t get anything back.

    • What happens when my plan’s term ends?

      You stop paying premiums, your life cover ends and you won’t get anything back.

    • Will my cash sum be subject to inheritance tax?

      The amount paid on your death will normally form part of your estate so may be subject to inheritance tax, unless you write the policy subject to an appropriate trust. Any amount paid out in relation to a critical Illness will currently not be subject to inheritance tax at the time of payment but may be subject to inheritance tax on your death.

    Important information

    The information you have been provided does not contain advice regarding whether Family Life Insurance is suitable for you. Therefore it's very important that you read and understand the Key Features and Terms and Conditions of Family Life Insurance and the SunLife Key Facts about our services before deciding whether to apply.

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    View the Key Features and Terms and Conditions of Family Life Insurance (PDF 0.73MB)

    View the SunLife Key Facts about our services (PDF 0.62MB)